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Imad Kotbi was born in Casablanca on the 21st of June, 1978. He is a Moroccan DJ , a song-writer and a producer . He is also known as a musician composer attached deeply to the Moroccan Mouvement Touch.


As a teen-ager, he started building and enriching his musical culture in dealing assiduously with 45/33 venial records from the record-stores all-around his district. He used to listen not only to   «  Michael Jackson » , « Snap », « Ace of Base » but even to Chab Khalid and Chab Mami, as well.


At the age of fourteen, he asked his parents to offer him a stereo-turntable as a birthday gift. Therefore the following year he let his parents know about his artistic choice to become a professional DJ. Therefore he started mixing music on the podium of « The Palace Club » in Casablanca ,the fact that gave him a valuable chance to start a musical career and conquer different clubs such as « The Vanityy » and The16thClub in Casablanca.


In spite of the fact of being successfully busy with his artistic plans, Imad Kotbi managed to follow his academic studies meanwhile he was personalizing his DJ sets by creating percussion loops and making his own versions of certain titles and presenting his first samples at the same time.

The arrival of CD burner on the market had allowed him to integrate his artistic talented creations into his mixes and present them to his public. So far and so forth, Imad Kotbi Conquered larger and legitimate audiences up to the point that he became well known  just after the release of his first single « Orient Miracle in 2004 » The artist gained a beneficial recognition from the enthusiastic audiences which made him famous as a notorious artist among a very larger public.


In 2015 the famous DJ and producer released the album titled « I Need Love », an extract from his previous album «  Discovery » in featuring with the sumptuous French voice of Elia mixed with his electro and dance music.


The single that launched the promotion, of the album is called «  Keep Your Love » in collaboration with « Summer », an artist discovered by « Imad Kotbi » through his first composed titles for the new « Opus » on Youtube.


Consequently  « Martin Solveig » took the opportunity to test the song at the club even before its release , and later on he kept repeating it in many of his albums 10.


« Discovery » includes a recovery of the title «  Earth Wind » and « Fire Fantasy » featuring with the excellent discovery of «  Nada Azhari ».


And stil as part of the « Discovery album », Imad Kotbi signs the young artist « Ryan Mctogy » and releases in 2017 « Wild » and « Stop » or « Love and Devotion » whose clips were filmed in Los Angeles.


In 2018, Imad Kotbi wished to thank all the countries that had supported the Moroccan candidature for the 2026 Football World Cup by releasing a well made single titled « Believe in Morocco ».Thus the great success of that single was due to the coproduction of :  Atif Zinachi and several other artists  such as Najat Errajajoui ,Yann sine, Imad Eddaraj, Mehdi Mozayine, Moataz Abou Zouz, SarahAzmi ; Memet and Paco.  

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